3 Important Tips to Battle ATM Skimming Fraud

Joey Czellar

Joey Czellar

ATM skimming fraud has become a big issue in Central Iowa. The transition to EMV chip cards will eventually help reduce the value of personal card data by fraudsters and illegal cloning of cards that results from skimming, however that migration will take time.

In the meantime, here are three important tips to help you battle ATM skimmers:

1 – Give it a tug: ATM skimmers are often hidden in plain sight. A commonly seen ATM skimmer is a card reader overlay, which may be attached with something as simple as scotch tape. Wiggle the card reader before you insert your debit card. If the card reader is loose or comes off completely, this is a major warning sign that something is wrong.

2 – Check your machine & surroundings: After checking the card reader, you should give the entire ATM machine a complete, thorough scan with your eyes. Look for anything that seems out of place. Fraudsters often use hidden cameras, keypad overlays and holes drilled to install an internal skimmer, which is usually covered with a sticker or panel. This would also be a good time to give a quick glance over your shoulder to make sure someone isn’t watching you or the ATM.

3 – Use your hand to cover your PIN: While the information on the mag stripe on the back of a debit card is important, so is accessing the PIN number you enter on the keypad. Hidden cameras are sometimes installed at an angle that will give a perfect view of the keypad. To battle this threat, cover your hand over the keypad when entering your PIN.

Bottom line, if you see something out of place, you should say something to an employee of the bank, credit union or business where the ATM is located. Remember, that skimmer is a piece of evidence.  Leave it alone or have an official handle it carefully.

Source: SHAZAM Network