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FREE Credit Report

As a result of the FTC’s final ruling under the Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act, all consumers are entitled to a free credit report from the three major credit reporting agencies every year. You can order all three credit reports at one time, or at different times throughout the year, which is what we recommend.

Please note, your FREE credit report will not include your credit score.

  • Your credit report is really a snapshot of your credit use history – your personal information, what kinds of credit you use (credit cards, mortgages, loans), whether you have paid your bills on time, how much of the credit you have used and what is outstanding, banking information, public records, and more.
  • Your credit score is a number assigned to you that is a mathematical calculation based on the information in your credit report (usually ranging from 300-900). This number shows lenders how much of a risk you are in paying back debt.

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