Land Line Texting with Zipwhip


Simply text our landline 515-243-2677

  • Text us to find out if we’re open on a snowy day, or a holiday!
  • Text and get a response directly from a familiar and friendly staff member in the CU (During Business Hours)
  • Find out if a check has cleared, or a deposit has been made *after verification
  • Find out due dates on a loan payment *after verification
  • Pictures can be attached and sent to/from the CU
  • Provides another form of communication for you to reach out to us.
  • Allows us to share links to specific parts of the Serve Credit Union website



  • Want to know our hours, simply text hours.
  • Want to know about our different locations text locations.
  • Want to see the latest rates, simply text rates or rate.

You can even request a callback and receive an auto-response asking for a time that works best for you.  Just text callback to 515-243-2677.


Just another way for you to stay in touch with your accounts no matter where you are with landline texting powered by Zipwhip.