Serve Credit Union Name Change

We Are Now Serve Credit Union FAQ:

Q: Why did we change our name?

We have the opportunity to position the credit union for the next generations, not just our current members, but their kids and grandkids.  When we looked at the data, our current members and industry trends, we are confident that this is the right decision for the future of the credit union.

Q: Why Serve Credit Union?

We chose a name that honors our traditions and truly represents our field of membership.  Serve was selected for its strong connection to our core values and the values of our members.

Q: Is this a merger or acquisition? 

No, we are still your credit union.  Due to recent growth and expansion we have decided to update our brand image to better reflect all the members we serve.

Q: What does this mean for me?

While our name is changing, you can still expect the same great personal service you’ve come to expect and deserve.  The same staff you know and trust will still be here to help you with all your financial needs.

Q: Will my account number change?

No, your account number will stay the same.

Q: Can I still use my DMPOCU debit card, credit card and paper checks?

Yes!  There is no need to worry, your cards and checks are still good.  We will replace them as they expire or when you run out of checks.  This option allows us to stay financially responsible and environmentally friendly.  If you use our Free online Bill Pay, nothing will change.  You may keep using that great online resource just as you have been.

Q: Will I have to change my online passwords to access home banking?

No, you can keep using it’s me 247 online banking on your desktop or mobile device just as you always have.

Q: Will I have to change my password or re-download the mobile app?

No, you can keep using our free mobile app as you always have.

Q: I have automatic recurring fund transfers, will these be affected?

No, anything you have set up to automatically come out of your account will continue as normal.

Q: Does this effect Shared Branching?

No, you may still conduct business at our branches or other shared branch credit unions just as you have been.

Q: Will the routing number change?

No, our routing number will not change. Routing number: 273073958

Q: Do I need to change anything with the direct deposit of my paycheck?

No, your automatic deposit(s) will not be affected by the name change.

Q: Will there still be cookies and coffee on Fridays?

Yes!  There will still be cookies and coffee on Fridays for our members!