Who We Serve

Membership with Serve Credit Union is open to:

  1. Membership of this credit union shall consist of employees, volunteers and retired personnel of any federal, state, county, or city governmental agencies who lives, works, or worships within Polk County or the contiguous counties of Dallas, Boone, Story, Jasper, Marion, Warren, and Madison;
  2. U.S… Department of Agriculture Employees in Iowa;
  3. Employees and board members of all schools in Polk County and contiguous counties of Dallas, Boone, Story, Jasper, Marion, Warren and Madison;
  4. Employees of the credit union;
  5. Employees of small employee groups: Hawkeye Security Insurance Company, L.B. and B Associates Inc., NASDA Enumerators and Stewardship Statistics Bureau;
  6. Public safety associations, institutions, and organizations whose members are eligible to join the credit union and governmental entities providing public safety services;
  7. Members who have separated employment prior to retirement and have maintained continuous membership status;
  8. Members of Polk County Schools Employees Credit Union as of the date of merger, October 1, 2016;
  9. Members of USDA credit union as of the merger date, May 1st 2015;
  10. Including family members. Family members shall include persons in the same household, and persons related to the member by the first, second or third degree of consanguinity or affinity, including foster children, adoptive children, and such relatives of a deceased member;

And remember…once you join Serve Credit Union,
you can maintain your membership for life, regardless of where you live or work!

Apply for membership online or stop in to our office for more information or to open an account with us.