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Educating Youth

  • The economic importance of financial literacy for students Link
  • The road to financial literacy. Link

Buying My First Car

  • Tips on buying first car. Link
  • advises graduates and other first time car buyers Link
  • 10 things teens need to know about cars and driving Link

Saving For College

  • Every college student should fill this out. Link
  • Guide to a college savings plan. Link
  • College Savings Iowa 529. Link

Understanding Savings & Checking

  • Why you need a checking and savings account Link
  • Your first checking account. Link
  • Lessons you can learn from a savings account. Link

Going To College

  • Create a budget for college Link
  • 2013-14 low and moderate budgets for developing student expense budgets Link
  • 10 things college students waste their money on. Link

Planning A Wedding

  • 12 Creative ways to save on your wedding. Link
  • Hidden costs in a wedding. Link
  • Keep the wedding costs down Link

Lost My Job

  • What NOT to do if you lose your job. Link
  • How to survive financially after you lost your job. Link
  • Resources Link