Card Services

Contact Please call 515.243.2677 for debit or credit questions and select the appropriate prompts.

You may also call 866-553-2921 for debit questions and 866-590-7665 for credit questions.

Debit Cards Our Debit Cards are available to qualified* members, and are a great complement to our FREE Checking Accounts. *subject to a credit check
Features of our Debit Cards:

  • Download our APP: Search “Serve CU Cards” in your app store and upload your debit card.
  • Digital Wallet: You can now upload your debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay!
  • Free Transactions: Enjoy free, unlimited debit transactions at merchants, and no-fee ATM transactions at Privileged Status ATMs.
  • Higher daily limit for ATM transactions
  • Choose your own four-digit PIN
  • You have access to all available funds: If you have a savings account or a line-of-credit tied to your checking account to cover overdrafts, those funds will be accessible when the merchant authorizes your debit card transaction.
  • Real Time transaction: As soon as you complete a transaction, the pending merchant and transaction amount will appear in your account and will be deducted from your available funds
  • Save With Every Transaction! You can setup a Virtual Coin Jar account to help you “save the change” from every merchant transaction.

SHAZAM® Privileged Status allows you to use your SCU Debit card fee free at other SHAZAM Privileged Status ATMs.   Just look for this symbol:

Click here to find a SHAZAM Privileged Status ATM near you.

Mastercard Rewards Our Cash-Back Rewards Cards are reliable, offer a competitive interest rate, give you cash-back rewards, and can be easily managed online or by visiting a Serve Credit Union branch office. Apply For Your Card Today!

Features of our Mastercard Rewards:

Mastercard Credit Card We know you need a credit card that is reliable with a competitive interest rate and rewards…and all of our cards offer just that! Apply For Your Card Today!

  •  A low interest rate: The same low rate on cash advances and purchases
  • No-fee cash advances when received at the Serve Credit Union office
  • 25-day grace period on all purchases
  • Free access to view cleared transactions through Online Banking cards portal and the “ServeCU Cards” app.
  • Easy payments* via Online Banking and the “ServeCU Cards” app. *depending on time of payment, it may take 24-48 for that payment to be reflected
  • Enjoy Travel Accident Insurance, ID Theft Restoration Services, Extended Warranty on purchases and more!

Prepaid Cards Serve Credit Union offers three types of prepaid cards based on how you intend to use the card. Below is a brief description of each card.  Cards can be ordered in-person or via phone or email.

Gift Card A prepaid gift card that can be used just like a Visa® card to purchase anything you want. It can be used anywhere Visa is accepted, including online.

Travel Card A pre-paid travel card that gives you 24-hour access to your travel funds in any local currency. With Visa TravelMoney, you can conveniently obtain cash to pay for cab fares, gratuities, museum entrance fees, telephone calls, souvenirs, snacks, and many other cash expenses.

Reloadable Card A Multi-Purpose Reloadable Card that is Visa branded and allows you to make purchases, withdraw cash and deposit funds. The Multi-Purpose Reloadable Card gives you 24-hour access to your funds in any local currency.